How to get hired as a caregiver How to get hired as a caregiver

Professional Caregiving

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How to get hired as a caregiver

5 Steps to a successful career in professional in-home caregiving

What is professional caregiving?

Before we dive into how you can land your ideal senior care job, let’s talk about what to expect from an in-home care career. Caregiving is a unique opportunity to bring your professional expertise into an older adult’s home, to provide non-medical care, support, and companionship.

But finding the caregiving jobs you want can be a challenge. Traditional agencies may take a cut of your pay, while some online platforms make you sift through dozens of job postings that may be out of date. How can you make sure you get hired for the jobs you want?

We’ve put together a 5-step guide to help you land the jobs you want. We’ll cover: 

  1. First impressions

  2. Professionalism

  3. The importance of being yourself

  4. Understanding your clients

  5. The top quality in a caregiver: patience

Step 1: First Impressions

Whether you’re preparing for a virtual interview or meeting your clients for the first time, first impressions can really make a difference. Here are our top tips for making sure you make a great first impression and get the respect you deserve as a care professional…

  • Arrive a few minutes early, dressed professionally

    • Preparing for a virtual interview? Give yourself extra time to set up and log in to your device

    • Being on time shows you take your work seriously and creates trust 

  • Come prepared with notes for yourself

    • Make a list of references, job experiences, and a few questions about the job

    • When in doubt, ask. Clear communication is important!

  • Show interest in the older adult you’ll be caring for 

    • For example, ask what does the older adult like/dislike? 

  • Discuss your schedule

    • Does it align with the client’s? Discuss any changes that could come up 

  • Be friendly, but give clear, concise answers to questions

Step 2: Professionalism

While in-home caregivers may not go to the office everyday, your job is every bit as professional as a lawyer or a CEO. Bringing professionalism to your caregiving work means dedication, responsibility, commitment, and integrity.

Here are some of the ways you can show your professionalism in a job interview…

  • Prioritize the interview

    • Make sure you have nothing else going on and that no one will interrupt you

  • Set up your space

    • Make sure your surroundings are clean, not cluttered 

    • Prop up your phone or computer so your hands are free

  • Do a sound check

    • Make sure you are in a quiet environment with no distractions, so you can hear and respond clearly.

    • Tip: Use headphones or earbuds if necessary

  • Dress the part

    • Wear crisp, clean professional clothing, such as a button down shirt or a blouse

  • Come prepared to discuss the job

    • Familiarize yourself with the job posting ahead of time to show you’re serious

Step 3: Be yourself

Most families want to hire the best match for their family’s unique situation, so making sure your personality is a good fit is a top priority. You will most likely spend a lot of time in the client’s home, or with the older adult, so it’s important for them to get to know you. The goal is to create a personal connection between you, your client, and their family.

Here are our tips for sharing a little bit about you, so that both you and your client have a good match…

  • Share some details about your life

    • What inspires you about caregiving? A favorite memory of a client?

    • What do you love to do outside of work? Travel? Run marathons? Spend time with family?

  • Highlight your skills & special qualities, such as:

    • Cleanliness & organization

    • Fluent in other languages

    • Great communication

    • Handy with tech

    • Love to cook or garden

  • Be sure to talk about what makes you special as a caregiver!

Need more tips about how to share your personality? Check out our guide to making a caregiver profile video to introduce yourself to potential clients on the Herewith platform.

Step 4: Understanding your clients

Each client and family will be different. Whether this is your first time caregiving, or you’ve done this for years, always approach each client with empathy and openness. Remember that each client has their own unique needs and circumstances that may change over time.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when interviewing or meeting a new client that will help you build understanding…

  • Be kind and lead the way for understanding with clear communication

    • Most families and older adults are dealing with stress and other tough emotions, and may become overwhelmed at times

    • You can show support by communicating clearly and having patience when there are misunderstandings

  • Medical history is important, but it doesn’t define who your client is

    • Get to know their personality and life history—it paves the way for a more trusting relationship 

  • Get to know their family dynamics

    • Try to be observant of your client’s unique family dynamics and how they affect your client’s care routines as well as your professional relationship with your employer

Step 5: Show patience

The number one trait in a good caregiver is the ability to show patience and adapt to each new situation. 

  • Older adults may feel uncomfortable asking for help, or may have cognitive issues and need help they don’t think they need.

  • If they are new to in-home care, family members may not even know the type of help they want or need. You may need to provide guidance around the care that’s needed. 

  • Showing patience and flexibility helps you land the jobs you want, and also builds loyalty and trust with your clients.

Set yourself up for success with Herewith

What’s the best way to find your ideal in-home senior care jobs?

Herewith provides a free, professional care platform where you can put your best foot forward and show potential clients what you have to offer. Highlight your skills, experience, and personality in your professional profile and interviews. You can even record a short intro video so potential clients can “meet” you!

We’ll help you match with clients that meet your needs. A good fit for a job goes both ways!

By setting up your professional profile, you’ll spend less time job searching, and more time finding a good match. Tell us exactly what you’re looking for by adding your preferences:

  • Where you want to work 

  • What kind of care you provide 

  • Your schedule & availability

  •  Your pay rates

Ready to get started? There are two ways to find caregiving jobs with Herewith:

  1. Call 415-506-9776. One of our Herewith experts will help you set up your profile

  2. Sign up on your own. Search for “Herewith Pro” on the app store to download the mobile app or get started online here and create your free caregiver profile.

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