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Top 5 interview tips for caregivers

Get the inside scoop on how to wow your clients in a virtual interview

More and more we’re seeing a trend towards virtual interviews in the world of in-home caregiving. It saves valuable time and energy, allowing you to speak with potential clients from the comfort of your own home or on the go. 

Virtual interviews are similar to in-person interviews in many ways, but there are a few key differences. The biggest difference is that in a virtual interview, you are responsible for logging into the interview on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. If phones and computers aren’t your favorite thing, it might seem intimidating at first, but at Herewith, we set our interviews up to be as easy and smooth as possible. 

Whether virtual interviews are new to you or you’ve done them many times, we’ve put together our top tips for wowing your potential clients. 

Tip 1: Prepare for the interview

Show that you’re enthusiastic about the job by coming prepared. Review any notes about the client, schedule, and location that the Herewith Experts have shared with you over the phone or by email. Make sure you come prepared with any information new clients might need, such as: 

  • Your availability & pay rate

  • References from past clients 

    • Tip: Always check with people to make sure they are comfortable sharing their name and contact info

  • A list of your strengths & skills 

    • Examples of strengths that employers look for: organized, tidy, friendly, warm, patient, compassionate

    • Examples of skills that employers look for: good time management, strong communication, fluent in other languages, able to lift/support the care recipient, very organized, and any other specialty experience, such as memory care

Tip 2: Show professionalism

Professionalism in a virtual interview is very similar to an in-person interview. Professionalism shows that you are a trustworthy, desirable candidate for the job. 

  • Be on time, or better yet, 5 minutes early—virtually, that means giving yourself a few minutes to log on!

    • Tip: Showing up for your interviews not only helps you get the jobs you want, it also shows our team that you’re a great candidate to recommend for other clients

  • Dress professionally

    • Think business casual—for example a solid-colored button-up shirt or blouse. Stay away from strong patterns and logos, as they don’t show up well on video 

  • Make sure you’re in a quiet environment where you can focus and won’t be interrupted

    • More tips on this in the next section—keep reading for more!

  • Introduce yourself with confidence and friendliness

    • Remember, the interview is all about getting to know each other and making sure you and the client are a good fit for each other

  • Avoid mentioning personal information about past clients

    • It’s great to share your skills and experiences, but it’s best to leave out your past clients’ names and personal details in an interview

Tip 3: Set up your device

Virtual interviews are great because they can take place anywhere, anytime. However, it’s essential to make sure that you set up your interview on time and in a location that allows you to focus on the conversation. Here are a few pointers:

  • Choose a quiet location where you can talk without interruptions

    • Tip: If you are logging in on your phone, the car can be a great place to talk (safely parked, of course!)

    • If you’re on a tablet or computer, choose a quiet room in your house with a neutral backdrop, like a plain wall or bookshelf

  • Make sure your device is charged up or plugged in before the scheduled time

  • Tap or click on the link that the Herewith agents have sent to you

  • Always call us if you have any issues joining the interview or if you need to reschedule!

    • For support or rescheduling, call 415-506-9776

Tip 4: Showcase your personality

A good fit is important for both clients and for caregivers. Your virtual interview is the best time to show who you are, what you enjoy, and what makes you special. It’s always nice to share a story about your caregiving experience, such as how you got started, why you enjoy caregiving, or a story about a special client in the past. 

Tip 5: Ask questions

Clear communication is one of the most important parts of a successful relationship with a client. Our top tip? When in doubt, ask a question. Asking questions about the job shows you’re interested and that you want to get to know the older adult you’ll be caring for. Here are a few questions you can ask during an interview:  

  • What does the older adult like/dislike? 

  • What’s their daily routine?

  • What are the expectations of the job?

  • Who else is involved in the care routine?

Make sure you take time to discuss your schedule. Does it align with the client’s? Discuss any changes that could come up, such as family obligations or travel. And remember, the person interviewing you will have plenty of questions too! Do your best to give clear, concise answers to their questions.

Herewith’s top take-aways for a great interview

  • Be friendly

  • Be on time

  • Be yourself

  • Be professional

  • Be supportive of the client

Looking for more tips? Check out our advice on boosting your care career in, “How to get hired as a caregiver.”

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