Wild Aloha


After landing in Hawaii, we were waiting around at the baggage claim, anxious to grab our bags, bail the airport, and finally get on the road and head to the North Shore. Our first two bags came out immediately. Still waiting on one, but knew it would come. It had to be there. Our eyes were glued to the chute, dumping all the bags into the carousel. We watched as people gathered their bags one by one and slowly departed the airport. And there we were. Still left waiting for our final bag. Oh, and this final, now missing, bag just happened to be THE bag. The one that held all the samples for every. single. shoot we had planned while on this beautiful island. It seemed simple enough. Direct flight from LA. Two of the three bags we checked were accounted for. How does this happen? It’s a question we still have yet to find an answer to, but we did what we had to do, all that we could do, in a time of such desperation. We filled out the claim form and prayed for the best. This was Wednesday. We had one day of scouting locations, then would go straight into our first shoot on Friday. The waiting game had begun.