Vegan Shamrock Shake


If you don’t pay attention to the calendar at all, let us be the first to tell you tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day. And while you might end your day with Guinness and Irish Car Bombs, (it does fall on a Friday, after all) consider starting it off a bit healthier, but still festive. We called up our friend Earthy Andy to give us a recipe that we trusted would taste delicious while still being healthy. What she brought was a vegan twist Shamrock Shake. See the recipe below, run out and grab your supplies today, and whip this thing up tomorrow for a tasty St. Patty’s Day treat.


1 cups coconut milk frozen into icecubes

Small handful of ice

1/2 cup almond milk

2 frozen banana

1/8 tsp mint extract

1/4 cup spinach for color

1 tablespoon Cacao nibs or vegan chocolate chips

Sweeten to taste with coconut sugar or sugar cane

vegan whipped cream or coconut cream


Prep: Freeze coconut milk into ice cubes

Blend all together until smooth & creamy.

Top with coconut whip cream!


See more of Andy’s receipts here