The Colors of Panama


We are constantly looking for the next adventure, another destination, and for new experiences.  After our trip to La Saladita, with the "We are's" team we're headed straight for Panama! And guess who is meeting us there? Our girl from the latest issue, Bruna Schmitz. This trip will be one for the books. We wouldn't want to miss out, and neither do you. 


Time to dig up that unpacked suitcase under the heaps of clothes in your closet, Panama is calling! You are invited to join us to the tropical jungles of Bocas del Toro!

We are excited to embark on this journey with Bruna Schmitz where we will discover the true essence of Panama, and what lies within. The experience is simple; we will connect to mother nature and with each other in heart to take the time to refresh, renew and reset.

Happily, there is no escaping the water in Bocas as it is the hub of the archipelago! We will explore and appreciate the vibrant biodiverse natural life in the tropical Panamanian jungles while culturally immersing ourselves with the indigenous Ngöbe Bugle tribe to learn their practices behind their beautiful work of constructing chàcara bags. We will visit La Loma Cacao Farm where we will learn the practices and work of tropical farm life to bring us closer to the natural environment and local communities. We will unwind and relax on the pristine Panamanian beach working to promote awareness of the body-mind connection, creating inner peace that will leave us the best version of ourselves. This trip is ideal for all levels of surfing.

Together we can heal our very own planet and our own selves.


  • Bring out the greatest you - creating a space for women to connect at the deepest emotional level through creativity, travel and adventure in the most surreal and raw environments of Panama

  • Party waves

  • Cacao and Spiritual Ceremony

  • Cultural immersion with the indigenous Ngöbe Bugle tribe making traditional chàcaras bags, interlacing the hearts of women around the world while learning history in every thread

  • Community outreach with the non-profit Give & Surf and Changing Tides Foundation