Issue 003

Rain or Shine


A little Byron Bay rain never held anyone back from going about their day. So when water started to fall from the sky, we didn’t run away. Instead, we went out to find more, dodging the storms but never letting them keep us inside.

For the big swim editorial in Issue 003, we spent a couple days running around Brunswick Heads NSW, where the river meets the sea, jumping off the end of the pier, hanging around the Surf Club, and driving down unfamiliar roads. Despite the weather we found while we were there ,  Byron Bay and all it has to offer are beautiful.

An inner voice was calling us to welcome something new, something adventurous, something different, something uncertain. Something was calling. And it was Byron. See the shoot and get a first look at what you can find inside Issue 003 below.

Bikini Top:  Saint Helena  Jeans:  Mother   Sunglasses:  Amuse for D’blanc

Bikini Top: Saint Helena Jeans: Mother  Sunglasses: Amuse for D’blanc

One piece (left )   RVCA   One piece (right)  RVCA

One piece (left) RVCA  One piece (right) RVCA

One Piece:  Roxy  Sunglasses:  Amuse for D’blanc  Bikini:  Body Glove

One Piece: Roxy Sunglasses: Amuse for D’blanc Bikini: Body Glove

Sweatshirt:  Mother   Bikini bottoms:  Tavik

Sweatshirt: Mother  Bikini bottoms: Tavik

Bikini:  Tavik   Tee:  Herewith x Amuse  Bikini Bottoms:  Amuse

Bikini: Tavik  Tee: Herewith x Amuse Bikini Bottoms: Amuse

Bikini:  O’Neill  Shorts:  Mother

Bikini: O’Neill Shorts: Mother

Bikini:  O’Neill
Bikini:  Roxy  One Piece:  Peony

Bikini: Roxy One Piece: Peony

Bikini (Left):  Amuse  Bikini (Right):  Amuse

Bikini (Left): Amuse Bikini (Right): Amuse

Bikini:  Amuse

Bikini: Amuse

Bikini Top(Left):  Billabong  Bikini(Right):  Billabong

Bikini Top(Left): Billabong Bikini(Right): Billabong

Bikini:  Body Glove  Coverup:  Body Glove

Bikini: Body Glove Coverup: Body Glove

One Piece:  O’Neill  Bikini:  Roxy

One Piece: O’Neill Bikini: Roxy

Bikini(Left):  Tavik  Bikini(Right):  Roxy

Bikini(Left): Tavik Bikini(Right): Roxy

MODELS Beth Hurrell , Brigette Cooper Camille Bohème Piazza




STYLIST Marisa Sidoti

MAKE UP & HAIR Nicholas Morley