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Breasts, ta-tas, jugs, knockers, bongos, kahunas, melons, sweater stretchers… whatever you call them, everyone loves boobies. The Keep A Breast Foundation has been reminding the world that boobs rule since 1999. The nonprofit has revolutionized the way we talk about the physical and mental challenges surrounding breast health. This open dialogue about the realities of breast cancer has educated thousands of men and women about early detection and inspired a ton of influential people to get involved in the cause. Among them are many female surfers that have a personal connection with Keep A Breast. These badass women weren’t afraid to share their stories with us, and hopefully someone reading this will be inspired to share their story too.


This Vday, the badass female surfers that were featured in Issue 004 are sharing what they love (and sometimes don’t love) about their boobies. Show your boobies some love by checking them once a month with KAB’s "Check Yourself" App

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francesca seely @franksterseely.jpg


Francesca Seely

"I love that my boobs let me do activities without the discomfort that women with bigger boobs experience. Sometimes I get insecure about my boobs because they are considered “small” or not feminine enough. There are times when I do get boob envy since our society considers big boobs as sexy and they are the typical beauty standard. As I have gotten older, I have come to realize that all bodies are shaped in their own different and beautiful ways. Us as women can be comfortable in our own skin without conforming to societal standards."


Gracie Crake Davies @gravies.jpg



Gracie Crake Davies

"I have a love/hate relationship with my boobs. Some days I wish they wouldn't pop out my top or threaten to knock me out when I go running (!) but most of the time I appreciate my squishy pillows, especially when they prop me up while paddling out for another wave."

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Leah Dawson
"I love my boobies because they remind me that it’s ok to be sensitive, creative, nurturing, myself. They make me feel ok, to feel like a woman, to take a rest day, to honor my intuition, to feel my moon. They are a reminder of the magical design of our creative abilities as humans, as well as an extension of our core femininity. "


I love my boobies because they make me feel feminine, sexy and powerful! And what I love most is that everyone is different and unique
— Rosin Carolan
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Jen Smith

"What do I love about my boobies? Well, they've been a part of me for my whole life. They are mine. There's not much to them really. Streamline and almost boyish. I think they fit my body and lifestyle you know, form follows function. I let them do what they want. Unless I’m working out, I usually don't wear a bra. I'm into minimalism, so having minimal boob factor is a blessing for me" 



Erin Ashley

"After years of not having much of anything as far as boobs go, it took a long time for me to grow into a set that I really loved. For me, having - and more importantly, loving - my boobs was me becoming comfortable with my body and myself."