Spendtime Palace


Once they were known as Playdate. Now they’re Spendtime Palace. They’re from a sleepy surf town, Costa Mesa, but their music is anything but. They played at our Issue 003 release party at Daydream Surf Shop and we witnessed them get an entire parking lot of people dancing and moving around. It’s hard to sit still when these guys are playing, if not impossible. They’re a local band that’s been making a lot of noise lately, figuratively and literally, in our own backyard of Costa Mesa—playing shows, preparing to release a new EP, and even shooting a music video for their song, Sonora, with Josh Ovalle and Finn Wolfhard (yeah, that one kid from Stranger Things). So casual.

Oh, and if you’re in that sleepy little surf town we mentioned above this Friday, head to RVCA at 6pm for the release party of that new music video we also mentioned above.

We spoke to Dan (lead vocal man) of Spendtime Palace and talked the new EP, shooting Sonora, how the band got together, and the story behind that genius band name of theirs because we felt the need to get to the bottom of it all. And of course share it with you. So here you go.—Kristen Walters

Photos by: Rae Pich

Spendtime Palace....where'd the name come from?
Spend Time Palace was a poem written by Josh (Ovalle) when he was about 15 or 16. At the time, Josh and Dan were in a little side project band together, and Dan wrote some music to his poem. The song is still on soundcloud under the name "spend time palace" by "medium", its not too bad of a song too considering their age hah.

How do you all know eachother? When did you decide to form a band?
Well, we all kinda met each other in different ways at different times. I (Dan) met Brandon (drums) first while we were in elementary school. Next (in chronological order) was Sean (bass player) while we were playing water polo. The first thing I ever said to him was "I bet I can swim faster than you" haha. We ended up racing across the pool and I actually did win.Meeting Elijah (rhythm) was a pretty funny story. We were both in our 7th grade biology class, and we got seated next to each other. After a couple days he just leaned over to me and asked "do you smoke pot?" hahaha. He's been one of my best friends since then. Lastly, I met Toast (Keys) in my senior year of high school. We played a Halloween show at his house and later learned that played keys pretty frequently. Shortly after we started to jam with him and ended up keeping him with us. He has really been a great addition.The band formed one night Freshman year when Elijah, Sean and I snuck onto our buddies rooftop patio. Somehow the idea got tossed around to start a band and we actually followed through with it. Kinda funny to think that when we stared only half of us knew how to play an instrument, and none of us could sing. 

You guys have a new EP coming out soon. Are you excited to get it out there? Is there a common theme to the LP? What inspired it?
We do have a new 5 song EP recorded and in the process of being mixed and mastered by the very talented Jon Berry. We couldn't be more excited and releived to get it out there...especially when we have been sitting on the songs for so long. There isn't really an intended theme for it, all of the songs were kinda just written separately and inspired by what music we were listening to at the time, and how we were feeling when we wrote it. 

The music video for the single 'Sonora' was directed by Josh Ovalle and Finn Wolfhard. How did this happen? 
Josh has been a really good friend of ours for a while. However our relationship with Finn is pretty new. Basically Josh met Finn on the late and great iPhone app "Vine". After a while Finn caught way of our music through Josh, and the two began thinking up ideas for a music video. Sonora was one of our newest songs, and it ended up being the one.

Seeing you guys up on Billboard was pretty surreal! That's huge. How did that feel?
It was really a big change of scenery for us, considering we have never gotten that type of attention before. We couldn't be more happy with the way it all fell into to place, and overall we are really grateful to everyone involved. 

Do you have a favorite part about the video?
It's all pretty cool looking, but personally my favorite part has gotta be when Iris and Ron are walking up to the house in slo-mo. It just gets me every time 

When can we expect the EP to be released?
It will be out within the next couple of weeks!

Any shows coming up?
Ooooh yeah. We are doing our video "release" party at RVCA on July 28th. After that we are running up the coast to SF and playing a couple in between. We are going to announce the show dates within the next couple of days! 

The music video is amazing. Was that your guys' first music video?
Thank you! We had done live sessions and stuff like that, but had never completed an actual music video before this one. 

What was it like shooting it?
The filming of this video was nuts. It really felt like we were on set of a movie. Normally we are a pretty wiley bunch, but we kinda tried not to fuck around too much with this one. Especially considering the time limits present, and the amount of effort going into the production. 

Spendtime Palace Presents, "Sonora". LP/CD/MP3 COMING SOON. Director: Josh Ovalle, Finn Wolfhard Assistant Director: Patrick VanZandt Producer: Karen Lavender Executive Producer: Wernher Ovalle Casting Director/Producer: Ryan Thompson Superivising Producer: Behnam Karbassi Director of Photography: Chris McKechnie Edited: Josh Ovalle, Patrick Vanzandt