Spell & the Gypsy


Isabella and Elizabeth are sisters who grew up in the suburbs in Melbourne. Throughout their teens and 20s, the two remained close until they left home and their professions took them in different directions. Isabella went into fashion while Elizabeth became a video editor. 

Isabella was sitting in traffic one day in Melbourne and decided she wanted a change, so she packed up her life and moved to Byron, where she began to make and sell jewelry at the local Byron Bay Artisan Markets. Soon after, Elizabeth had a similar epiphany that she wanted a life change. She rang up Isabella and asked if she wanted a business partner. Isabella said yes and the rest is history.

They called it Spell & The Gypsy Collective. The shop is a space the two created to give their customers a tangible way to experience their brand. In their original design studio, they were surrounded by other artists and collected different things from all over to sell in their shop. They opened their first retail space attached to their design studio shortly after starting in 2009, then opened a stand alone retail shop in the middle of Byron Bay in 2013, finally moving to their brand new space just under a year ago. 

The sisters live relaxed, beachside lives outside of work in Byron, and feel that it inspires the laid back feel of Spell & The Gypsy’s pieces, and recent delve into swimwear. “Byron has an incredibly close and supportive community, which is why we’ve planted our life firmly here. We have a lot of people traveling through which makes it eclectic and refreshing. Then there’s this very passionate, creative community of young entrepreneurs from fashion to architecture to design.”

Spell & the Gypsy Collective is a sight to see if you’re in Byron, and be ready to want to spend all of your savings on everything inside. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. 

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