You spend a hell of a lot of your week on Instagram whether you want to admit it or not. There's nothing wrong with this, it's just the world we're living in today. But after all that scrolling, double tapping, scouring the explore page, and sending your friends one too many memes, things get lost and buried it's easy to forget about the posts actually worth seeing. Or, maybe the good things got so lost and buried so deep you didn't even see them at all. Because next to all the junk that clutters our feeds, there's actually some really amazing, beautiful, and inspiring stuff that can take place on Instagram. So, we're rounding up the posts we couldn't help but save this week and sharing them with you. And hey, if you like what you see, give them a follow. Let this serve as some inspiration heading into your weekend and a way to make your Instagram feed a little better.

This is "Someone to Follow"

Katrina Parker

photographer + creative director

 a visual journal of some work, mostly adventures.



Here today, bailing tomorrow.

Nuria Val


Creative mind represented by UNO Models

Akila Berjaoui



Berlin based adventurer.


'It's all about the stories' A journal of work + adventures