Somedays: Playa Viva


Combining simple elegance with natural beauty and a commitment to improving the environment and the local community, Playa Viva is a sustainable boutique hotel located on the western coast of Mexico, just 35 minutes south of Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa International Airport. Nestled between the sparkling waters of the Pacific Ocean and the majestic Sierra Madre Mountains near the village of Juluchuca, Playa Viva is situated on a mile of pristine and private beach. 
Visitors will become immersed in nature and the local community during their stay at the beautiful, sustainable boutique hotel in Mexico. You will have the opportunity to volunteer at a turtle sanctuary, give back to the local community through volunteer work, engage in a workshop or daily yoga practice. Playa Viva is truly “Where Your Vacation Meets Your Values.”



While Playa Viva is only 40-minutes from an international airport, it is miles from the high rise scene of Mexico beaches. Adventure awaits you as you discover all the best that an off-the-beaten path beach destination delivers.
It starts with miles of pristine beach and 200 acres of Playa Viva’s private reserve, we have a huge wild space to explore. You'll get to enjoy horseback rides along the beach, head off on a deep sea fishing adventure, scuba diving excursion, or just explore the local flora and fauna on one of our many marked trails. We recommend you take the first 24 hours to decompress and don’t try to overschedule your stay before you even arrive.

Playa Viva activities team offers some of the best surf on Mexico's Pacific Coast, for novice, intermediate and top surfers.
Local surfing instructors welcome all skill levels. Breaks include Escolleras, Playa Linda, La Saladita, the Ranch, Mahajua, Troncones, Playa Manzanillo, Juluchuca, La Barrita and Las Gatas, all within a one-hour drive. Playa Viva is adjacent to Loma Bonita, one of the only locations in Mexico where top surfers can catch one of the few pipelines in all of Mexico.


Playa Viva is an ideal yoga retreat destination. Yoga is offered every morning at Playa Viva except Sunday (one day of rest for your Holistic Host). Your Holistic Host will craft a program that is just right for you, whether you are a beginner or have your own dedicated practice. Special classes can be arranged for couples or kids.
Classes are led either in the observation tower or right next to the pool where you can enjoy an ocean view while breathing deep moist ocean air and moving through your sun salutations with grace. Yoga workshops are offered throughout the year.


Our 160-acre private reserve has trails to take you from the beach, through dunes, into wetlands and up rocky knolls. The permaculture team is restoring a network of paths to allow visitors to fully enjoy the biodiversity that Playa Viva has to offer. We've also built relationships with other landowners to open up hiking trails nearby. We provide a complimentary field guide of Playa Viva for all guests to identify the various trails, “zones”, flora and fauna.