Not too long ago, we received an email from Ming Nomchong and Danny Clayton. They told us about Sea Bones, their new “concept store” in Byron Bay, and expressed interest in stocking the book you’re holding in your hands right now. Ming is a phenomenal photographer and Danny is the founder of Salt Gypsy, so we knew this store had to be amazing. Needless to say, copies of our last issue were sent to them without hesitation. 



That was back in December. Sea Bones received overwhelming support, leading Danny and Ming to find their own permanent space in February and open doors mid-March. “Independently we had both always dreamed of having a space that catered to coastal-loving women. We had been talking about it for six months before we decided to take the plunge and start Sea Bones. We’re both surfers and lovers of the sea, and we saw a gap in the market for all the local gals for a space that catered to indie, independent, local labels and businesses that revolved around coastal living and looking after this earth, so we decided to create a business that we hope does all of that.”

What you’ll find inside Sea Bones is a carefully curated collection of those local labels and businesses that Ming and Danny believe in wholeheartedly. “Not only are they on-trend fashion-wise, but the people behind the brands are part of the community and doing good things for the environment as well,” Ming says. Those brands include McTavish , Waysaway Surfboards, Opia, Remi Lane, Rue Stiic, San Taylor Swim, Salt Gypsy, Zea Swim, Saint Helena, Samudra and Surf Organic Wax, among others. 


If you’re looking for a coffee, surfboard, bikini, clothes, wax, a chat or a friendly face, Sea Bones has it all for you. 

To read more about Seabones and other lovely places in Byron Bay, grab a copy of Issue 003 here.

Photos: Ming Nomchong