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Bethany is the boss lady behind Primally Pure, a skincare and beauty line she started on her family’s farm, Primal Pastures, in Southern California. Like many of us, Bethany used to be a consumer of cheap, mainstream skincare and beauty products that promised great results but never actually delivered them. 

So, she got rid of them and replaced them with her own little recipes made from real ingredients. And it worked. Her acne cleared up, and her skin felt and looked better than it ever had. So she kept at it and kept experimenting and eventually began selling her products on her family’s farm website. “I strive to create effective products that work by nourishing the skin, body, and self – products that promote health and vitality instead of taking away from it.”

Get acquainted with Bethany and Primally Pure below. Before you know it, you’ll be second guessing whatever you washed your face with this morning. 


All Products are:


  • ingredients created in a lab
  • harmful chemicals
  • parabens
  • artificial dyes
  • talc
  • fillers and fragrances
  • animal testing
  • artificial anything


  • real ingredients found in nature
  • tallow from grass-fed cows
  • organic ingredients
  • fair trade Ingredients
  • locally sourced hydrosols
  • glass jars/bottles
  • bpa-free plastic tubes
  • therapeutic grade essential oils

Tell us a little about yourself.
I'm a wife, mother and recovering workaholic who now strongly believes in daily baths, getting a full night's rest, eating well and pampering your skin with the best ingredients nature has to offer. I'm so grateful for how PP has grown, my incredible team and our amazing customers! I never once would have dreamed that I would be the owner of a natural skincare company, but I'm so glad things worked out the way they did and there's nothing else I'd rather be doing. 

What inspired you to start Primally Pure?
As a teenager and young adult, I struggled with acne, rosacea and various skin sensitivities.  I tried a variety of creams and prescription medications, but nothing gave me lasting results. Somewhere in the midst of my skin struggles, my family spontaneously started a beyond organic livestock farm called Primal Pastures. My family’s journey with the farm opened my eyes to an entirely new way of living and caring for the body naturally.This new lifestyle inspired me to switch to all-natural personal care products.  After purging my bathroom cabinets of toxic conventional skincare products, I began formulating my own replacements with real, recognizable ingredients.  Much to my surprise, the products I made actually worked better than the dozens I had tried in the past.


What was the first product you ever made?
When I first learned about the potentially dangerous ingredients found in conventional deodorant, I knew I couldn’t continue to use it. The first place I turned was grocery store brands, trying many of them with little to no success.  So with no background in chemistry or cooking, I decided to try my luck at formulating a natural deodorant stick.  It took me over a year of research, experimentation and testing on friends and family before I finally came up with a stick that both me and my husband LOVED. And it wasn’t just us who loved it – my testers did too! After a ton of encouragement from friends and family, I started selling it on my family farm’s website along with a few other natural skincare products I had been working on, and BAM! Primally Pure was born.

What is your favorite PP product?
That is seriously such an impossible one to answer - I’m obsessed with so many and use them everyday!  Everything Spray (keeps my skin so clear), Fancy Face Serum (leaves me glowing!), Dry Shampoo (my daily staple)… but if I had to pick one, it would be our natural deodorant.  The ingredients are clean and completely non-toxic unlike conventional deodorants that line drugstore shelves.  I feel good about using it (and smell good!) and am so grateful that it actually works!

I strive to create effective products that work by nourishing the skin, body, and self – products that promote health and vitality instead of taking away from it
— Bethany

Tell us about your family and the farm?
My husband, Jeff, along with his dad, brother and brother in-law started Primal Pastures around the time we got married, about 5 years ago. They had no experience with farming but wanted a better, more healthful + humanely raised source of chicken and started raising birds just for themselves. Their little experiment gained interest quickly and it soon turned into a business! This journey of raising higher quality meat led us down a path of healthier living in general, and skincare was a part of that. 

Where are you based?
The Primally Pure workshop and Primal Pastures farm are both based in the Murrieta/Temecula area in Southern California - in the midst of mountains and wine country.  Can’t get much better than that :)  Primal Pastures also offers farm tours, check out the website for the next date and come on down! 


Do you take custom orders? 
While we don’t create custom products for customers, we do our best to care for their specific needs by offering several different scents, sizes and formulations.  Such as a pregnancy-safe formula of our Fancy Face Serum and a Sensitive Deodorant for those with a skin sensitivity to baking soda.  We also offer Kits and Collections for customers to try out smaller sizes of scents and to provide a simple way to transition to non-toxic skincare.


What are your future plans for Primally Pure?
We’re so grateful for the growth we’ve experienced over the past couple of years and are excited for the plans we have for Primally Pure!  We’re consistently dreaming up new products ideas, essential oil blends and fresh ways to care for our customers.  We’re going to continue to create innovative, non-toxic treatment products for specific skin types, refine our current range to make them even more effective + enjoyable to use and eventually we hope to open our own Primally Pure Concept Spa where we will offer customized, natural skin services using only the purest ingredients found on our planet.  So stay tuned!

What is one piece of advice you would give your younger self? 
A lot of things but I probably wouldn't have listened to any of them! I would have told myself to not care so much about what other people think, that your dreams are within reach, and to not be afraid to fail...just to name a few! But ultimately, I'm so grateful for the path I had to go on in order to figure these things out on my own. It's easy to blow off advice, but lessons learned from experiences are what truly shape you into the person you're meant to be. My current worldview is the result of a lot of failure, wasted time and wrong turns - but I can look back now and see that everything I went through taught me lessons that have been priceless in business and in life.





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