Postcards from La Saladita


The rise in popularity of classic longboarding has inspired a generation of female surfers reminiscent of simpler times. A community that values sisterhood, good times, and exploring a bond with nature through the art of surfing.

At a tropical left point break in mainland Mexico, the girls assimilated into the warm water and air climate with ease. Days spent dancing on waves and nights basking in the glow of the moon, feeling caressed by the ocean and cradled by the shifting shadows of the palms.

As long as they had a Mexican beer in hand and friends by their side, they were happy. 

They were home.

Photos by Sarah Brady & Annabelle Noelle
Poem by: Sarah Brady 
Clothing: Belle the Label



las niñas de la naturaleza
chicas del aire,
del agua
de la tierra

nos movemos
en ritmo
con las plantas
y los animales


the girls of nature,
girls of the air,
of the water
of the earth

we move
in rhythm
with the plants
and the animals

nos sentimos como iguanitas tomando
el sol

we feel like little iguanas tanning in
the sun

la naturaleza y lo femenino se
en las sombras de las
palmas y la brisa aromática del mar

aire húmedo
mientras nos recuperamos del
sol caluroso

nature and the feminine come
in the cover of the palms and the
aromatic breeze of the sea

drank up
moist air
as we recovered from the
sizzling sun

somos el sol, somos la luna, somos el
mar, somos la tierra, somos la selva…
somos nosotras, somos ustedes,
somos el mundo, somos el universo, y
el universo es nosotras

somos hermanas porque estamos
conectadas por una filosofía
compartida de amor y vivir en el
momento, agradeciendo a todo lo que
el universo nos ofrece cada día nuevo

we are the sun, we are the moon, we are the sea, we are the earth, we are the jungle, we are us, we are you, we are the
world, we are the universe, and the
universe is us

we are sisters because we are
connected by a shared philosophy of
love and living in the moment,
appreciating everything the universe
offers us each new day


in this place, we can live in peace…
surrounded by lush, leafy trees and
plants, and our family of friends

en este lugar, podemos vivir en
capaz… rodeadas de árboles y plantas
con hojas frondosas, y nuestra familia de amigas

Girls: Lola Mignot, Karina Rozunko, Fer Reyes, Rachel Fleming, Annabelle Noelle, Sarah Brady 


Girls wearing Belle the Label

White Callalilly Top
Long Sleeve Zephyr Top
Yellow Daffodil Sundress 
Peony Bodysuit