Overheard: Midsummer


When it’s summer, it’s endless — a forever sweeping hue of golden light, smelling of sunscreen and salt water. An electricity hums in the air. Possibilities swarm. There is a spark to run wild, make life unfold. Anything could happen. Or, maybe equally as rewarding, nothing could happen. Just sleepy sunlight beneath a tree, a good book, and all the time to relax; stare at the clouds and dream. Lotus-eaters in our prime, swimming deep in the foreverness of a feeling. The landscapes glow. The nights are warm. Summer is as simple as a silk robe on a patio, a cup of coffee and soft morning warmth. Concurrently, it has all the ability to be a vortex of nighttime adventure and spontaneous road trips. It’s cruising with the top down, laughing in tall grass, coolers at the beach, new city lights, pool floats and cold cocktails. Take it easy, make it fun, and listen to this playlist to blend it all together.

Created By: Gabriella Librizzi