I met Lola Mignot at a quant little San Clemente beach home that belongs to Luki O’Keefe, a friend of Lola’s and talented photographer. On one of the last lingering days of the California summer, Lola, the gypsy girl with long, wild hair shared her life’s story over hot tea and fresh strawberries. She’s a graceful longboarder, a seasoned traveler, and only 18, but wise well beyond her years. 

So anytime something comes up, you just…go? I asked.
“I just go! Yeah. I get my ticket, and then the next day, I leave
— Lola Mignot

Buying a ticket on a whim and leaving the next day is a way of living that seems foreign to most. But for Lola Mignot, it’s the only life she’s ever known. And to fully understand it, you’ll have to backtrack to the days before she was even born, when her parents were merely two lovers traveling the world on a sailboat. 

….When Lola recounts the events of her life, she says them so matter of factly, like it’s not crazy for them to just take a break from driving in Sayulita and end up living there. And that’s because for them, it’s not. It’s the norm. It’s just how she and her family live. There are no set plans. Every move is spontaneous. And then there I am, sitting across from her, in awe of everything she’s saying to me and just trying to make sense of how astronomically cool her life is, how all this is just normal to her. 

“Ever since we were little, we always had that kind of life, just being gypsies all over the place. Being raised with open-minded parents is what made me who I am now,” she said, “growing up that way at home in Mexico was the best thing that could happen to me. You get a lot of different perspectives in life from everywhere.”
— Lola