Kid Bloom


This past week I was deep in LA, at The Hi Hat — Part beer and wine bar, part stage, part pool hall, and part walk-up burger stand. The crowd was young and energetic, the walls were made of brick, and Kid Bloom played disco infused pop songs that were a merging of laid-back chill and upbeat bounce. A sort of candy-coated soul music that was made to be played loudly and danced to. The whole band had a really relaxed, comfortable manner about them, never forgetting to thank the audience and the other bands playing that night. They played songs off of their EP, like “Electric U” and “I Kissed a Girl, and She Kissed Me,” and tried out some new songs that will be appearing on their upcoming album such as “More Than Meets the Eye.” All were heavily doused in grooving synth and funky psychedelic riffs. We got the chance to catch up with Kid Bloom before their show and talked new music, Queens of the Stone Age, and life mottos.
-Gabriella Librizzi

Members: Lennon Kloser, Jesse Perlman , Blake Morell, Alex Canter , Jackson White

It’s not so much about differentiating from other people. It’s more about just focusing on how you can make it your own sound as much as possible and just hope it stands out.
— Jackson White

You guys were formed in 2014, specifically October 31st.
JESSE PERLMAN: I mean we said Halloween but it was right around that time, it wasn’t exactly.
LENNON KLOSER: And we had been making music for a while too. We had songs and stuff. JP: I think we officially made the Facebook page around then.

Was this a high school band?
JP: We were all in different bands in high school and then this kind of formed right after it.

How did you meet and form?
LK: I was actually a fan of his band for a while, and then at some point, you know members go awry and I actually ended up playing bass for one of the shows.
JP: That’s right. And you go way back with Jackson.
LK: Alex was in a different band that I saw too a bunch of times. Blake was in a different band.

You met through playing music at venues then?
JP: Mutual friends.
LK: You could say music brought us together.
JP: We actually all went to different high schools.

It seems like you all have been into music for a while, and it’s probably different for each of you, but when would you say you really started getting into it?
LK: Honestly for us it was kinda the same.
JP: I mean, my whole life.

Early on when you formed your band were there any bands that you sort of molded your sound off of?
BLAKE MORELL: The sound has changed somewhat.
JP: Yeah, it’s changed over these past two, three years. When we started I would say we kind of had that Queens of the Stone Age kind of vibe.
LK: We had teenage angst.
JP: Kind of like, leather jacket, rock ‘n’ roll. As we went on we kind of shaped into—
LK: Now it’s dance.
JP: Psychedelic disco pop type of thing.
LK: But influences…
JP: Jamiroquai meets Phoenix meets Yello.
LK: We love — JACKSON WHITE: Bee Gees.
LK: We love the Bee Gees. We love Tame Impala.
JP: The Strokes.
LK: We do love Queens of the Stone Age still we’ve just kind of let them be their own thing now.
JP: We don’t follow them on tour anymore [laughs].
LK: [Laughs]. And Nirvana. Of course Nirvana.

As far as the music you’ve put out, have you noticed any overall themes?
LK: As of right now, what’s out in my opinion, I think we’re a little bit more of an alternative band. With the record we’re just finishing now. And we have a single coming out in two weeks or so. We really wanted to do more of a dance thing. More energetic. A solidified sound.

So you guys are coming out with a new album! I know you have an EP, and that’s pretty cool it’s kind of like soul, pop, psych.
LK: It’s all over the place.

And that’s super cool. Can you tell me a little more about the new album, it’s going to be full length?
LK: Nine songs. Is that full length?
JW: It sounds full.
LK: We kind of just went all out with it. We wanted to write music we really liked and were proud of. So like we said it’s a lot of Yello, it’s actually a lot of string arrangements. Like disco-y. Psychedelic disco. Seventies disco.

So you like it when people dance.
LK: I love it. I like dancing myself.

Did that happen after you started playing shows, you realized you wanted to gear it more towards that?
LK: A little bit.
JP: From an outside perspective, ‘cause I’m the newest guy in the band. There was so much success with “Electric U,” I think these guys kind of rolled with that and started catering to that. It was very dancey, very popular, very exciting. And I feel like you guys wrote a ton in that realm after.
LK: And there’s more to come. We’re gonna get even more pop-y after this shit.

Can you tell us a bit about the writing process? Is it music first? Lyrics first?
LK: How we do it is someone comes in with an idea or the ideas are there and we flesh them out, as far as when we play them together. And the recordings, everyone plays on the recordings but they’re steered by myself and Jesse. We’re the ones-
JP: Composing. You do the lyrics and melodies.
LK: Well, I mean, it’s never certain, but for the most part I’m writing a lot of the music and it’s always welcome from left and right too.