Issue 004: Revelation


It's finally here. Issue 004 is in our hands.

We drove to the printer to pick up this issue at 5:00am, holding it we just broke out in dance, we were so excited. Looked a little crazy, but It was a pretty special moment. 

But this is what it's all about, this is why we still believe in print. The difference between scrolling through something online and holding it between your fingers, tired and worn. It's magic. This magazine kicked our asses, it caused us to shed some blood, sweat, and tears. We hope when you flip through the pages you can sense that. This issue includes our travels, last minute plans, women coming together, freedom, but most importantly passion.

Pages are stamped with stories and photos from Marina Alonso, Nicole Spencer, Corina Rose Barnick, Kat Reynolds, Courntey Brown, Jen Yih, Meg Haywood Sullivan, Lisa Sheldon, Josie Perez, Kealan Shilling and more.

We went to the Fiji, Hawaii, Israel, Morrocco, SanO, the Maldives and too many other magical places to recall, scouring countries, meeting inspiring people, all searching for one thing:


A lot of things changed this past year, we all had our highs, certainly had our lows; but it brought us here right?

 Revelation was an idea that took its own, faster than we thought. And we wouldn't change a thing. Sometimes the only thing you have left is to create a new perspective for yourself, and roll with the punches.

The pages are there, and are just waiting to be turned.