Issue 003: Intuition


Aaaaaaand…Issue 003 is finally here! According to our calendars that we sometimes try to follow, we were supposed to wait a few more days to let this one out into the world, but we’ve since scratched those plans because we just couldn’t wait any longer to share it with you. It’s called Intuition, not patience. That’s why we’re throwing it out the door, like, now.


Third time’s a charm, right? We hope so. This is Issue 003, Intuition. There are times when life and circumstances seem to be far beyond our control, and it’s in those times we realize intuition is the one thing that remains. It’s all we have. We can choose to follow it or ignore it. But it will never go away.

Issue 003 examines the lives of aspirational women and those who trusted their guts to see what unknown adventures and experiences were waiting for them on the other side. These people and their stories took us to the beaches of Byron, Berlin, Portland, New York, Chile, through Death Valley on a Harley Davidson, and many other places.It’s a book full of stories of the experiences of people from all ends of the world with one thing in common. They were all guided by their intuition.

And for those of you who can’t wait to see it either, we’ve got a little treat for you. Order your copy of Issue 003 online by Sunday evening, and get 20% off using the code INTUITION at the checkout. Don’t waste any time, the clock’s ticking.