Involuntary Visionaries : Kim Amos


At first glance, The Atlantic Byron Bay has a noticeably minimalistic, clean, design. But don't let that fool you. Look a little closer, because the attention to detail here is actually so complex and carefully calculated, something only someone with an eye for such pristine things could put together. That someone is Kim Amos.

It all started when she and her husband stumbled upon an old backpacker's lodging in Byron. The rest is hers to tell.

Words: Kristen Walters

I have always lived a stone’s throw from the Pacific Ocean. It provides me with a sense of freedom and clarity that allows creativity to flow. If I feel blocked it’s usually because I haven’t been on or in the water for weeks. As a traveling family, we’re all really happy to head out into a city or a desert, but after a few weeks, we’re all dry, grumpy and craving the ocean air.
We moved to Byron for a healthier, simpler life with our sons. Kids and cars are chaotic in the city and we felt like we needed a change in direction. I grew up in Noosa and was craving fresh market food and clean beaches. I wouldn’t say we were looking to take time out; we’re not comfortable with resting up. We’re just at an age now where we’re both comfortable with it and have completely given up on attempting to “slow down.”

My husband, Stephen, and I never had any real desire to own a hotel. Stephen was in finance in Sydney and I owned a home goods store until our first son, Noa, was born. We had decided to stay in Byron after a year off and began looking for a business to sink our energy into. He found an old backpackers’ lodging and I’ll never forget standing up on the deck with a wobbly rotted railing, overlooking three unloved fibro cottages set in scrub and overgrown tropical gardens with signs saying “beware of brown snakes.”

The Atlantic is the feeling of being absolutely at home in the middle of a tourist town
— Kim

I had our third son in my arms and he was maybe 9 months old... I gave Stephen one of those “are you having a midlife crisis?’’ looks and the next day we signed the contract. Ten days after we settled, the property flooded and there were mattresses floating in the rooms, thus the beginning of The Atlantic, a lifestyle hotel in Byron surrounded by the sound of the ocean and palm trees swaying in the wind.

We wanted to create a place where people just like us would want to holiday so we focused on how we like to live with a strong emphasis on outdoor spaces and entertaining. We travel a lot and always return inspired to share new ideas and try new spaces... anyone that has visited over the years will always find new additions to the grounds of The Atlantic. I think the most unexpected thing about The Atlantic is the feeling of being absolutely at home in the middle of a tourist town.

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