Herewith Shop curated by Daydream


Our online shop just got a whole lot better. We’ve told you about Daydream Surf Shop before, and if you aren’t familiar, you ought to be. We recently moved our office into the back of Daydream, so we’ve been spending a lot of our time here and drinking way too much coffee, but we can’t complain.

If you’ve been inside Daydream, you know they have a collection of clothes, accessories, jewelry, boards, beauty products, and countless other gems worth obsessing over. And if you aren’t able to step inside Daydream, we have sympathy for your FOMO. So, we went ahead and hand selected a few of our favorite items sold inside Daydream, and are now offering them in our online shop. That’s right…you can now get a little taste of Daydream in the Herewith shop. So go look, like now, and get to shopping because the products are only there while supplies last. And supplies are limited. Shop towels, cards, tees, sunglasses, candles, cleansers, and more from Daydream right here.