Dolphin Love Swim


Run a marathon, travel to Greenland, parachute jump, swim with sharks, learn to speak Chinese, take a pottery class, sleep under the stars, lose weight, go surfing in Hawaii, unplug for a full week, be a world traveler, publish a book... 

We all have crazy goals in life, wise philosophies, smart thoughts and timeless passions. However, most of us probably didn’t check everything off the handwritten bucket list of things to do before turning 30. You remember, the one you wrote after an insane night out with your pals?A few months ago, French designer Marine Mausse left for Bali with her young family, choosing love and time over money, and simplicity rather than a life of plenty.

By Elisa Routa

“We sold our furniture, our boards and our cars. We closed our bank accounts and phones, we booked a one-way plane ticket and left to Bali. We needed to feel every second intensely and see the real side of things. Unlike when we’re on holidays, we face problems here and have to cope on our own. There’s no possible return.”

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