Desert Burn


Desert Burn is a short film that follows Dutch Artist Nienke Lit as she explores Death Valley’s surreal landscapes and the surrounding roads by motorcycle. It also landed its way into the pages of Issue 003 alongside a poem by Nienke herself.

Starring Nienke Lit
Filmed & Edited by Lamson To
Produced and Art Directed by Kealan Shilling

Still Photography & Additional Filming Kealan Shilling
Wardrobe & Styling Chelsie Baaker & Gina Panarello

Dear Days,
How I adore you. Dare I ask what you will teach me today? How will you touch this journey I am on once more and spin it in another direction
— "Lost days" By Nienke Lit
Jacket:  Harley Davidson  Denim:  Levis

Jacket: Harley Davidson
Denim: Levis

Jacket:  Harley Davidson  Moto Boot:  Harley Davidson

Jacket: Harley Davidson
Moto Boot: Harley Davidson

Make the rules as you go, don’t rule out roads before you have ridden them. They might just turn out to be the best rides ever.