Coffee. Surf. Create. Repeat.


Toss in weekly off-road/camp missions and international adventures with her husband, Bryce, and you’ve got a pretty accurate depiction of what life looks like for this Kauai native.

Words & Photos by: Vivian Kim


Ashley Johnson is the beauty and brains behind Lucky We Live Hawaii, an apparel/lifestyle brand that is widely recognized throughout the islands (and completely operated out of her home office). She and her husband, Bryce live on the Garden Island—where friends are welcomed as family, respect for the land is prioritized, and simplicity takes precedence over materialism. Being integrated into such a community seems to foster a spirit of humility and authenticity, as is evident in the down-to-earth posture that Ashley holds.

Though she is a talented artist and athlete, which her sponsorships ( and creative success could attest to—she views each project, each session, as greener eyes would: with enthusiasm, gratitude, and modesty. 

Embrace the highs and learn from the lows; stability is important, but it is not our purpose

In fact, Ashley has one of the most beautiful relationships with surfing I’ve witnessed. That may sound weird, but if you’ve ever watched someone surf as elegantly and naturally as Ashley does, you’d understand. You know there’s something else there; there’s a feeling deeper than mere excitement, and a connection stronger than just the tangible feet-to-board-to-wave. And that’s how I feel about Ashley, as a whole. We see her designs, we know she’s creative, but there’s an entire ocean beyond the visible horizon. 


No matter what life throws at her, she embodies a gentle strength in all she does—always speaking kindly to those around her, standing ever so loyally by her loved ones, and casually running a whole business, from design to shipping to customer service, all on her own. 

Ashley once jokingly (but accurately) told me, “Bryce and I realized the other day that we are the epitome of ‘surf bums.’ We work just enough to be able to surf all day.” As playful as it sounds, there’s a thing or two to be learned… Life is simpler than we think. Embrace the highs and learn from the lows; stability is important, but it is not our purpose—sometimes you’re up, and sometimes you’re down (thanks, Bryce); and the time that we currently hold, with whom we share it, are what matter most.


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