There are so many bikinis out there these days. Like, sooo many. Hundreds of brands, fabrics, styles, cuts, etc. You get the point. When it comes time to buy that one bikini you'll be wearing all summer and beyond, how do you know which one to pick?  It's a little daunting with so much to choose from. And getting just the right bikini is something you don't want to get wrong. So we took it upon ourselves to give out our own awards to our favorite suits we've seen thus far and call it 'Bikinis of the Year.' Basically, we came up with a few categories we thought were important when it comes to buying a suit, and then we chose the best bikini for that category. It's not rocket science, that's pretty much all there was to it. Take it with a grain of sea salt if you must. But, hey, we're the girls who are actually wearing these things, so our opinions gotta count for something, right?  


This one goes out to the best brand you maybe haven't heard of yet. But you will. Luv you, Slate. 

SLATE - Zinc bikini


Hey Amuse & Flynn Skye, we loved you guys getting together so much, you should do it again sometime. 2nd date's on us? 


Spring Suit for the Summer

Pretty self explanatory. But this is the spring suit you NEED. It's a little James Bond-esque, too. If you're into that.

SKIN + BONES - Ladies Neoprene Sleeveless

Beach to the Bar

Sometimes there's no time out between the beach and bar. Let the suit be your outfit. 

TAVIK - Lila one piece

Back in the day

Hats off to Zulu & Zephyr for putting a new twist on a classic vintage style. Add some cat eye glasses and you're set. 

ZULU & ZEPHYR - Sun Spot Bikini


People are going to look at this, and be like, 'Did she just tie up a white tank top and is try to wear it as a bikini top?' Might look like it, but, nope, it's actually a bikini. And that's why we love it. 

SPIRITUAL GANGSTER - Namaste Beaches Tie Front Bikini

Bang for your Buck

Really cute. Really inexpensive. No one needs to know. Can't go wrong here.

FOREVER 21 - Tropical Leaf Bodysuit

Basic in a good way

Who said basic was a bad thing? We've never seen it look better. Sometimes simple is better. Be basic. 

SOLID & STRIPED - The Chelsea

Killing it without killing the environment

Abysse gets that, and so they get this award. Congrats! 


No Nip Slips

The babies won't come out in this guy. Frolic around in the waves as you please, ladies. 

ROXY - Pop Surf High Neck Bikini

Capture d’écran 2017-07-06 à 6.35.06 PM.png


Let's be real here. It's going to leave some interesting tan lines on your back. But it's sooo worth it.

BILLABONG - Today's vibe long sleeve

best brand your boyfriend also wearS

Sure, your boyfriend wears O'Neill, but so can you. And why wouldn't you? Look at how cute this thing is. 

O'NEILL - Baja Sleeveless One Piece


RHYTHM - Leilani bikini

And this is it. THE bikini of the year, chosen by yours truly. Rhythym's Leilani bikini takes the cake for a few reasons. It's versatile, has an amazing cut, a pattern to die for, it'll stay on while you're surfing (or doing anything for that matter), and it's pretty affordable. Top and bottom add up to a little over $100, which is decent these days. And trust us, you'll get your money's worth and then some with this thing. Not to mention, we love Rhythm with all our hearts. So, if you're looking for a bikini that's got a little bit of it all, this is your go-to.