Product Review: Anese Beauty


Anese was started by co-founders Lynnsee and Nick van Gordon in 2016. Lynnsee has been a hoarding beauty products since her early teens and wanted to launch a brand for beauty lovers who don’t take themselves too seriously. Inspired by texts between Lynnsee and her friends, the concept was simple. Your beauty products are the first and the last thing you see everyday, they should remind you that you’re doing great and to never forget that life is fun, hilarious...and sometimes awkward.

They like to keep it real. Not just with in-your-face product names, but with literal on-your-face products. Because beauty should be fun and you can be mindful of your skin care and still throw the word fuck around every now and then. Anese products are made with high quality and effective ingredients, in other words you can ACTUALLY understand our labels. Anese does not test on animals and never will because it's 2017 for pete sakes.

In fact, they put some serious TLC into their products, from production to testing to picking out the perfect sassy and sarcastic title. Every product goes from "I really wish there was a product that..." to "wtf should we name this" to "that's some cute ass packaging, go team, high five.” They believe in confidence and you doing you.

The HQ is located in Downtown Los Angeles, you can shop the entire line at


How could you not give this brand a try? With all natural ingredients, great branding, and the overall concept is spot on. We tested out some of their amazing products and thought we would share our top choices with you.


Shop Our Personal Favorites

That Booty Though: Coming from a girl with a booty, this is the greatest thing for it. It instantly softens, firms, and smells great. I felt the booty change overnight! ( The beau loves it too ;) Miracle? No. But worth the buy? Yes.  

Can I Speak To Your Manager: It tones. Very well I might add. It smells like roses and is a nice thing to add to your skin routine. After you wash your face, apply this toner and see the difference. Like most things (unless it's "That Booty Though") things wont change overnight, but give it a chance and some time to work it's magic and you will see the difference. THEN, apply the Slay Serum ( read below)

Slay Serum: My face is weird. SO WEIRD. One day its dry like the desert, the next it's like I just washed my face with olive oil. To be consistent, I tried this serum every day for seven days, and it completely balanced my skin out and made the texture smooth. Like actually smooth. Even felt more firm, and looked younger. BUT! The best part about it was that it made my skin glow a little, Just a smidge, right on my cheek bones. It's subtle but there!  This serum is awesome, and definitely a confidence booster.