Afterthoughts: Christina Cernik in Italy


"Sometimes things in life come full circle. My trip to Italy this past summer was one of those moments for me. My Dad raised me to be an adventurer. Ever since I can remember that’s what he spent his money on - travel. Growing up I remember the trips he and my mom would take us on, and different places we visited where my imagination ran wild. My father gave me my first camera at the age of sixteen and I began exploring the art of film photography. I remember the first time I took that camera on a trip. We were out west in the mountains of Idaho and I was so inspired by the vast open land. Over a decade later I used that same camera on a rare summer trip to Italy with my family."

- Christina Cernik


The Basics

When packing for a trip I try to keep my luggage as minimal as possible. My camera gear is always carried on the plane with me and I’ll check one other bag with clothes, toiletries, etc. Checking a bag internationally can be risky, especially when you have several connections, so I always have an extra change of clothes in my camera bag just in case my luggage gets misplaced. I brought a few dresses on this trip because they are easy to throw on, wear over a swim suit, and can easily be dressed up. I also packed jeans, a swim suit, sandals, walking shoes, a few warmer layers, and comfy clothes for travel days/the plane. Essentials: I always bring a water bottle, backpack, and sunscreen when I travel in the summer. 


The Money

The Gear

I brought a lot of camera gear on this trip; four cameras to be exact. I brought two digital cameras, a 35mm film camera, and a Fijifilm Instax 810 wide. I also brought my underwater Aquatech camera housing so that I could get some shots in Lake Como. I knew it was going to take up a bit of space, but it was worth it! 

Began planning for the trip six months ahead of time so I was able to save well in advance for this trip. My brother and I were able to book flights that arrived within minutes of each other in Milan. Traveling in Italy isn’t cheap, but we were able to save money by preparing some meals in our Airbnb. We also saved money by staying at my uncle’s house in Germany toward the end of the trip. 

Being outdoors, creating beautiful images, and connecting with people fuels my soul
— Christina

What About the Food?


We love to cook! We rented an Airbnb in Lezzeno Italy (a town on Lake Como) with a kitchen and we enjoyed making meals while dining al fresco. The best meal we had in Lake Como was a short walk from our Airbnb. At Crotto del Pescatori we ate an amazing seafood appetizer with fresh fish from the lake. We also shared a few pizza pies. My favorite was a pizza with burrata cheese. 


Worth the Trip?

I would definitely go back to Italy. Next time I’d like to explore the coast of Italy and the surrounding islands. I have always been open to living in another country and if I learned the Italian language, it would be a great place to live. Not going to lie, travel time, changing planes, and arriving in another time zone is never fun. We had a few issues with the rental car company but other than that, the trip went without a hitch. Despite travel delays with the rental car, it was so worth it in the end, to arrive in such a breathtaking new part of the world.