Primrose Plateau


Last week we met the woman behind Lyke Minded, Ali, her boyfriend Drew, and their adorable new pup Larry David. We were so excited to see their home she designed and learn more about what Lyke Minded is. We enjoyed mimosas, chatted about life, uncovered some interesting facts about their home, and of course loved on little Larry David.


Where did you two grow up?

Ali: Orange county, but I am from Newport and Tustin. My dad has always lived in Newport and my mom has always lived here (Tustin).

Drew: I’m just from Tustin.

So I’m guessing that’s what brought you to the area…

Ali: Yeah, so we moved to Laguna…

Drew: I lived in Newport on the peninsula for a little bit and then we moved to Laguna together and then we moved here.

Ali: We were just kind of over Laguna.

Drew: We were in a small little shack not even as big as this (living room).

Ali: It was 400 square feet…

Drew: The waves there were subpar so we were always driving to Newport or San Clemente, which is the same distance as it is from Tustin.


How did you two meet?

Drew: We met at my buddies house. My buddy was dating her friend and (Ali) tagged along with that friend to my buddies house and we met there.

Ali: I was a Sophomore in high school and he was a Junior. So it was kind of just a high school thing, then we just became inseparable. So we are on like year 7-something… 7 or 8. We don’t know the date we met or the day we decided this was going to be a thing or the day he said ‘I love you’ like we don’t know it just happened. There weren’t really apps so I couldn’t really save our conversations you know so I have like no idea. I don’t even know the month to be honest.

Drew: Yeah I don’t even know. Well we know based off of the dog Ryder and he’s about 7 now.


So tell me about your new puppy. How did you pick him? where did you get him? Why that breed?

Ali: So we named him Larry David because we were coming back from Jamaica and it’s a five hour flight and I have a fear of flying, so I like to get into a series or something and my dad told us to watch ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ which is a show written by Larry David who also wrote Seinfeld. I don’t know why but just for some reason that name just like stuck with us. One of us had just said that if we get a dog we’ll name him Larry David… and then five years later we got a dog. Originally we were going to try to rescue or adopt, but a couple of our family members did that and… just the situations that happened with them were not good or reparable. So unfortunately we didn’t go through with that process and instead I did a lot of research to find a breeder and I just fell in love with this breed in particular because they’re super mellow, super smart, they’re water dogs, and of course he was the perfect color.

Drew: And particularly he doesn’t shed.

Ali: Yes, so obviously I’m like a furniture person and I would just be so heartbroken if there was dog hair everywhere. That was a big plus for us. (The breeder) is in Oxnard and she is an amazing woman. He came potty trained. He is a windsong doodle, so that’s what the breed is.


How did you find this place and why did you two pick it? I’m sure there were probably other places on your radar. Why this place?

Drew: My dads grandpa got this place ages ago and it used to be a World War 1 check in spot for veterans. That’s why all our outlets are so high up on the walls. They were doing physicals and checking up on people and their equipment was all high up on tables and stuff.

Ali: So what’s interesting about that too is this land is considered commercial and residential. So if we moved and wanted to turn this into a coffee shop or a dispensary or something it would be really really easy and we would have all the permits.

Basically when we were out at Laguna we wanted something bigger and Tustin is kind of like the perfect maingroud for hopping on the 5 to go to Lowers or the 55 to go to Newport and our families are here and we love it here. So they showed us this house and we asked if we could move in and they said yes! It’s just really cool that (Drew) has his name stamped on the house and his great-grandfather built the barn in the back and he got to watch all of that.

Drew: And I’ve done a lot of work on this house as well with my dad, just growing up and being young and he’d say ‘come on we’re putting you to work today’

This house had definitely been put through the ringer. I don’t think it has looked this good ever. It was so bad like we had to redo the entire floors and everything just from past renters…

Ali: Drew stop! It was built in the 20’s

Drew: My dad like put up walls and redid everything and (Ali) styled it all and now it looks like this!


How long have you two been in this place?

Ali: Six months. We were in Laguna for a year and then moved here in January.

Wow that’s a lot of design and decorating to do in only six months!

Ali: Well I finished the design in two weeks. So I had been planning on moving into this space for a month before and had everything in storage units because most of it is vintage so if I saw something I knew were were going to need it because 400 square feet to 2,000 square feet is like a huge difference.


Where did you find your inspiration for the interior design?

Ali: So I think a lot of it came from kind of how to mix surf culture with really modern and organic lines so having a round sofa to me was really important because when you’re on a sofa I just feel like you’re always leaning to talk to someone. I feel like in all of our friend group this is the house to come to and just like hang out and talk amongst yourselves. We don’t have like a huge TV or anything we are more about just hanging out and incorporating a lot of like vintage pieces, local artisans, and ceramics… just using cool materials and things that are fun like the vintage flags from Slightly Choppy are really fun and vintage surfboards everywhere. So just kind of like mixing old with new and a little bit of beach lifestyle.


So I noticed you cook a lot, I see it on your stories and it looks really good! Where do you find those recipes and inspiration for your meals?

Ali: To be honest I kind of just wing it! I grew up with my mom cooking for us like every night so some of the recipes are hers and since i’ve been with Drew so long some of the recipes are his moms and his grandparents too. So kind of like twisting them and making them a little healthier and more our flavor. What’s great about Drew is we have the same kind of taste in food, but he could live off Carls Junior. So he’s pretty stoked on it and I just love to do it. It’s kind of like therapy and we have the herb garden outside and I love picking from that and starting a meal or recipe. It just feels really farm to table, fun, and peaceful.


The garden is so cool! For the things you don’t grow yourself, do you have a favorite farmers market or favorite grocery shop around here you like to go to?

Ali: Wednesdays we have a local farmers market and it’s good, it’s small, but it’s fun. Typically we just go to trader joe’s and sprouts. I try not to go to whole foods because I walk out of there with multiple hundreds of dollars of stuff… But just like your typical grocery stores which is something I think a ton of people find value in because they can easily recreate what I’ve done or what I’ve made just by going to the store. I wish that it was more homestead in the fact that I could just walk and pick up a bunch of carrots, but no I have to go out and find them at grocery stores. The herb garden probably is one of my favorite things about the house because I’m always out there and I always get so excited just to see things flower and we just started a jalapeño seed and it’s already almost a little jalapeño and that’s super fun.


What is your favorite meal to cook?

Drew: Your salmon!

Ali: I have scars to prove it. Blood, sweat and tears go into that salmon. It’s a pan seared salmon with israeli couscous, parsley, onion, tomatoes, avocado and it’s kind of like a bowl. We love it and make it all the time and yeah thats probably one of our favorites for sure.


What food could each of you not live without?

Drew: Mexican food.

Ali: Mexican food? for me it’s fish and chocolate… which I would never eat together! But I love fish and I love chocolate so those would be my two. But I hope that would not be my only two I would have to live on though.

What is your day to day routine like?

Drew: Well work day i’m up at 6:30 and in the office at 7:30 and I’m designing email blasts, social media stuff, any graphic sales pushes depending on what’s going on with the FDA if they have made some new regulation and I have to redesign everything… just doing design stuff… all day long. If the waves are good i’ll wake up really early and go surf before work and then when I come home I’ll skate on the skate ramp or go back to the beach or go to the bay club and work out at the gym.

On a non-workday we set up camp on the beach all day long.

Ali: When we’re not working we are truly at the beach all day long.

Drew: Then when we get too sunburnt we come back and skate a little bit, drink beer and wind down.

Ali: And cook or barbecue. Especially with (Larry David) now. It sucks because dog beaches aren’t really happening now and they’re getting taken down. People are starting to come up to us and almost give us tickets because we aren’t supposed to have him on the beach. We don’t want to take him to dog parks they have a lot of diseases there and stuff so we prefer to take him to the beach but it’s getting more difficult. There’s only like two beaches in SoCal that you can really take your dog to and not have a problem.


Tell me more about Lyke Minded.

Ali: It’s big for me in the sense that I kind of had always been creative in my own realm and never really shared it with a lot of people. Some of my closest friends and family would always ask me like how did you do this? How did you source that? Can you do this for me? Where did you get that? How did you cook this? Just really simple questions to my eye but I understand that it almost kind of acted like a little talent because not everyone knows how to put something together that way. So it kind of made me feel special in the sense that I had something that other people really wanted to inquire about and wanted to get to know. So that’s why I started the blog and now it has released a lot of collaboration opportunities with me and other companies and kind of get my name out there in the creative world wether it’s graphics or platters or interior design it’s just kind of been a whirlwind and (Drew) too with graphic design. We’re just trying to continue to build our name in this marketplace. It’s been really fun to be able to do it together and have this like unmalleable bond with that and being able to build our family and our home.