The Land of Oz

A thirst set inside of her; to move, to create, to explore, to go. She needed to. There had to be more than this small coastal town she grew in. This thought, a backpack, and a camera. She closed her eyes in the hands of intuition and let it lead her. This is Nydia.

Photo by  Hannah Sims

Photo by Hannah Sims

I woke up, hit snooze, went to work and repeated the cycle the next day. No. Pause. I knew this wasn’t what I wanted to do. I felt stuck and itched for something more. I needed something that made me feel alive and I had a good feeling about what I had to do.

I was down south when I met Luke and Sam while they were traveling here in California. They were the only aussies I knew at the time and they were doing everything I could only dream of doing: traveling, meeting amazing people, living carefree and in the moment. They’re who I thank for being part of this awakening and who made it feel like instinct to purchase that one way ticket to Australia.


Asher & I by  Jackson Newel

Asher & I by Jackson Newel


My friend, Jackson, and I flew into Sydney and made our way up to my friend Sam’s. We purchased a van, set it up so it would be livable and continued up the coast. I had no plan, but to surf everyday and to make a few bucks for survival. I had to find a place to call home and the idea of Byron Bay was tossed around in conversations and over the world of social media, but I never really felt the need to find my way there. Immediately after arriving I knew this was the place. It was my place and where I was supposed to be.

Three weeks in and I wanted to leave. I had no job yet, I was still in this damn van, and I was nearly broke. I swear the universe, whatever or whoever that’s out there, was listening to me. About to give in, I finally found a job as a waitress at a Sushi restaurant. I ended up staying in the land of oz for nearly 6 months, only having to leave for literally partying too hard. I’ll leave that up for your imagination.

Photo by  Jackson Newel

Photo by Jackson Newel


This is the place that built me: as a surfer and as a person. I don’t know if it was simply the idea of leaving my small town to a place where no one knew me or the comfort of being in such a surf community, but this was where I could just be me. I felt this connection and it was hard to come back from that. It was where I felt that perfect wave that inspired me and just made being in the water feel so natural. It was connecting with all my dear friends who helped me build this constant stimulation to create.

Photo by  Michael Assim

Photo by Michael Assim

Photo by  Dayna Gablonski

For me, the most rewarding things in life are experiences. It’s what shapes us, it connects us, it builds our intentions and our character. It’s where I find revelation. I wanted to share this with you in hopes that this will also be your sign to get up and do what excites you and fills you with pure bliss.

Photo by   Maddi Kenn a  

Photo by Maddi Kenna