At last, underwear built for woman who want to live creatively, not uncomfortably.  The Spring #StanceIntimates collection is finally here, and we are obsessed.

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A mix of feminine cheetah print & florals. 

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Proof that you are one of a kind, not one size fits all. We focused on comfort and fit to liberate you and amplify the beauty of the female form. We see you as one of the ‘other girls’ … an artist of individuality. Slowly painting your own masterpiece, starting with the very first layer.
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We had a chat with the head designer of this new collection, Abigail Lorick and got some insight into Stance's new look.


 How long has this project been in the works?

We wanted to make sure we addressed top concerns such as breathability, support and comfort, so our Intimates program from concept to launch took about 2 years. We took our time carefully wear testing the products with a variety of women of different sizes to ensure proper fit, as well as spending time with our in-house Innovation lab to develop a technical yet functional knit infused with Sensil nylon to create an extremely soft, jacquard fabric that regulates temperature, controls odor, and manages moisture, while holding dyes better to showcase our artwork and prints.


What was the inspiration behind your new collection?

Our concept for Spring was inspired by classic nature in today’s modern world. Taking traditional floral prints and modernizing them by juxtaposing with a reimagined cheetah print or placing them on unexpected pop colors.



You make it clear that this collection focuses on comfort and fit, rather that loading up on tons of lace and frill. Why is it important for you to cater to every body type?

Comfort and fit are top priorities for any product line we release at Stance, and with the Intimates line, it was important for us to create a collection that addresses the needs of women and their unique bodies, all the while staying true to our DNA of creating a canvas of self expression. I love that we are designing a line of intimates for the “other girls”, girls that don’t want push up bras and frilly lace, but still want to feel sexy and confident through a livable product. 


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What's your favorite piece/print of the collection?

The Beau Floral is my favorite print in the Spring 18 collection. I love the Twist Front Bra, it's extremely comfortable and sexy and provides the perfect amount of lift.


Tell us about this model, shes a babe and feels relatable while still presenting an elevated look.

Erin Eliopulos, she's fantastic and also modeled our first campaign in holiday.  She has this great energy about her that is so youthful, strong, and classic. She captured the vibe of the collection perfectly!


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