On overpriced coffee, dating apps, taxes, and Dylan Rieder. You know, the things that matter. 

                     On overpriced coffee, dating apps, taxes, and Dylan Rieder. You know, the things that matter. 


Pet peeve?
My Biggest Pet peeve would have to be when people start beatboxing. I just can’t handle it.

Thoughts on dating apps?
Not gonna lie I’ve taken a stab at those apps and have never come out successful.

Bumble or Tinder?
What about face to face?

Best place you’ve ever traveled to? Why?
So far, Paris, France. I love everything about that place, and I could definitely see myself living there one day.

Worst trend right now?
Overpriced coffee. Just because you paint the Mona Lisa in my cappuccino doesn’t mean it should be 8 dollars.


Best advice you’ve ever been given?
Do YOU and love the ones who love you.

Worst advice you’ve ever been given?
Stay in school.

What’s the last book you read?
It: Alexa Chung

What are the last three things you searched on your phone?
CA DMV drivers test, Google Translate english to French, and how to do your taxes.

Favorite accounts you follow?

Guilty pleasure?
Trying to pull off wearing women’s clothing.

What band are you obsessed with right now?
The Sapphires.

You wake up in the year 2145 as the same age you are now (just go with it.) What’s the first thing you do?
Ask a robot to give me a massage

Biggest turn off?
Girls who try to act like they surf or skate just to relate to you but you know they have no idea about either thing.


Biggest turn on?
Not getting fucked over by a girl is pretty hot to me.

All time favorite movie?
The Sandlot

What kind of music do you love?
I go through phases but I have an appreciation for all music, from reggae to rap to classical- I love it all.

5 things you can’t live without?
Friends/family, Hawaiian food, my phone, Skateboarding, my camera.

How would you describe your style?
Hard to say. I feel like I get inspired by new things everyday and then I start wearing clothes that relate to what I’m inspired by. But I think I would describe it as scattered and random like my brain.


What is the purpose of life?
To be the best you can be to others.

What’s your dream job?
Exactly what I’m doing now— being able to create for a living.

Where are you from?
North Shore of Oahu.

Where do you live?
Currently in Costa Mesa and frequent back and fourth from here and Hawaii in between trips.


Favorite childhood memory?
Surfing Gas Chambers with my good friend Ivan Florence before I could even swim, with my yellow floatie vest getting swept out to sea.

Top 3 foods you can’t live without.
Sushi, Hawaiian Food, Thai.

Who is your hero?
This is a really easy one for me to answer and you might know who I’m going to say before you even read the rest of this. But it’s by far going to be Dylan Rieder.
He was truly the the full package—amazing at everything he did, and more importantly, an amazing friend. I didn’t know him for long, but in the few months I did, he showed me so much and taught me how to treat others. It’s crazy to look up to someone so much and then when you meet them they exceed your expectations of all the theories you have made up in your mind about that person. He’s truly the best and I’m blessed to have known him all thanks to Mark Oblow.


All photos by Evan's sis
Alana Spencer

Not getting fucked over by a girl is pretty hot to me.
— Evan

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